May 14 – 27 2021

Alex Eagleton was born in 1979 in Athens, Greece. 

Eagleton’s recent exhibitions include "DOMINO 5" at Shoot the Lobster in New York, New York (2021); "Digging for Diamonds at the Disco" at Club Rhubarb, New York, New York (2020); "The Ocean Shrugs" at Mister Fahrenheit in New York, New York (2020); "Letting A Fish Watch A Sunset" at 22 Ludlow in New York, New York (2019); "This Is Heaven" at Safe Gallery in Brooklyn, New York (2018); "Sin-Bin" at Flat:Two in London United Kingdom (2017); "Anthem of the Sun" at Canada Gallery in New York, New York (2016); "Build Your Own House" at Dio Horia in Mykonos, Greece (2017); and "Bibelot" at Hydra School Projects in Hydra, Greece (2016). He also oversees Aetopoulos, an artist-run project space in Athens, Greece. 

Alex Eagleton currently lives and works in New York, New York.