Tennis Elbow

Tuesday – Saturday   12 – 6 pm

Alex Eagleton

May 14 – 27 2021

"The purpose of this statement is to clarify why I painted the works in 'Itchy Soul'.


Constant oversharing has made serious story telling more difficult. Not only are we overwhelmed with information—the quality of that information is suspect. Identity has become conflated with design through technology. And that technology is frankly confusing simply because of the volume of information circulating. There are too many animals at the oasis, slurping from the watering hole, and they are drinking each other’s mud. It is time to peel back and get to the true source, and the only truth about the future.


The candle gets blown out. In our lives, the moment could be years away. For our species, it could be millennia. But it will be a moment. This body of work focuses on that moment. 


In many societies, we say "peace be with him/her" upon death. This is a paradox, and an ironic one. The moment we fear most, the moment we fight, is supposed to bring us peace and freedom. These paintings distill that moment. There is a long—ancient—tradition of working on death. In the Danse Macabre of the late middle ages, dancing skeletons remind us it’s coming. And it’s frightening. I brought myself closer to the fear by painting these candles, these versions of me, standing in a mirror, imagined landscapes behind."

Alex Eagleton was born in 1979 in Athens, Greece. 

Eagleton’s recent exhibitions include "DOMINO 5" at Shoot the Lobster in New York, New York (2021); "Digging for Diamonds at the Disco" at Club Rhubarb, New York, New York (2020); "The Ocean Shrugs" at Mister Fahrenheit in New York, New York (2020); "Letting A Fish Watch A Sunset" at 22 Ludlow in New York, New York (2019); "This Is Heaven" at Safe Gallery in Brooklyn, New York (2018); "Sin-Bin" at Flat:Two in London United Kingdom (2017); "Anthem of the Sun" at Canada Gallery in New York, New York (2016); "Build Your Own House" at Dio Horia in Mykonos, Greece (2017); and "Bibelot" at Hydra School Projects in Hydra, Greece (2016). He also oversees Aetopoulos, an artist-run project space in Athens, Greece. 

Alex Eagleton currently lives and works in New York, New York.